How Healthy Is Your Marriage? Take the Test

How Healthy Is Your Marriage?  Take the Test

I've been writing a lot about the dangers of porn.  But, It's not enough to just refrain from unhealthy sexuality.  Recovery is about learning to detach from a self-destructive process and attach to a safe, healthy person.  To safely attach to a person requires knowing how to build a relationship in which both you and your partner will thrive.  And, it's this sort of thriving marriage that makes truly amazing sex possible.  This is what healthy sexuality is all about!  

     So, this week I offer a marriage health assessment to help you assess your current relationship.  If you are in between relationships you can use this assessment to consider what you want in your next romantic venture.  You can also use this assessment as a conversation starter with your significant other.  Have each person take the test and compare answers.         

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