Anxiety, Stress and Burnout.  "I feel out of control sometimes."  The Silicon Valley is fertile ground for stress and anxiety.  In the midst of project deadlines and never ending innovation it's easy to burnout. Burnout can not only damage your health but also your most valuable relationships.  Therapy can provide a place to slow down, take stock of your life and refocus.  A variety of stress-reduction tools will be offered to help you face whatever internal or external stressors are in your life. Ultimately you will learn to know what you can control, what you can't control and how to tell the difference.

Counseling for Anxiety, Depression, Sex Addiction and Trauma

Depression.  "I just don't want to get up."  If you are depressed just looking at this sentence is a big deal.  It's one step closer to making sense of what has sucked away your drive and muddled your thoughts. There are many causes for depression--life's circumstance, losses that haven't been fully grieved, biological/family heredity, or just not having the tools to create the life that you want.  I will be a compassionate presence in this difficult time for you and we'll find a way out together.

Sex and Pornography Addiction.  "This is the last time."  Many men find themselves in a compulsive cycle when it comes to sex and pornography.  It can be difficult to differentiate between what is a natural drive and what is compulsive behavior.  Therapy offers a chance to gain clarity on what is healthy versus compulsive sexuality.  It can be hard to take the first step to open up about what's going on, especially when you are not sure if there is a way to overcome it.  As a guide on your healing journey, I will compassionately walk with you and support you in every way I know how. 

Trauma.  "It should have never happened."  The reality of this world is that the unthinkable can happen to us.  Whether it was when we were a child or just a week ago, traumatic experiences can reshape us in deep ways.  Ultimately people who experience trauma feel like something in their core is broken.  Therapy offers a chance to pick up the broken pieces inside and begin to put them back together.  Affect Centered Therapy (similar to EMDR) can be especially powerful in healing trauma and is my preferred treatment method.

Counseling for Identity and Purpose

Purpose and Identity.  "Who am I?  Do I have something special to offer the world?"  Discover your gifts.  Find your story. I love helping clients discover their purpose.  Let's make meaning of your life and help you discover what you have to offer the world.