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Grace and Truth: Parenting Teens With A Porn Problem

Finding out your teen has a porn problem can be shocking, disturbing, confusing and bring up feelings of guilt or anger.  

In the midst of all these difficult emotions it can be difficult to sort out how best to parent your teen.  

You may have questions like:

How serious of a problem is pornography for adolescents?  

How seriously affected is my teen?

     What's the role of a father and mother in helping a teen stop their  pornography habit or addiction?

     When is grace appropriate and when is truth appropriate in terms of supporting or disciplining my child?

     What's the best way to communicate with my teen around their porn problem?

     How does my teen get better?

Grace and Truth is designed to answer these questions.

Parents will also have the opportunity to share about their experience and connect with one another. 


Safe and Connected: A Guide for Parents on Social Media

Seminar on Internet Safety and Social Media for Parents

According to studies, half of all teens have experienced online harassment.  Cyberbullying, sexting and online predators are all issues that teens may encounter.  Social networking also allows teens to have a positive connection in a never-before way to friends, family and organizations.  As a result, parents have an immense responsibility in helping their teens navigate the dangers and benefits of social media.  The Safe and Connected seminar equips parents to deal with these challenges in two ways: 1) with knowledge on how social media works and 2) with wisdom for how your children can be safe and connected. 

#OOPS!  What You Thought You Knew About Social Media 

hoto Credit:  Mitya Ku

In less than a second you can make a mistake that will follow you for a lifetime.  

#OOPS is a seminar for teens which exposes the myths about social media and the misconceptions about the web.  For example, did you know that Snapchat does NOT delete your photo? And, did you know that THEY own the picture and not you?  These are just some of the myths you will learn about in this seminar.

You will also learn about online reputation management and digital citizenship. Be prepared when colleges, employers and love interests check you out on the web.  Be in control of your online reputation rather than a victim of it.  

Hijacked Brain: How Pornography Takes Control

Pornography Addiction and the Brain

Hijacked Brain is a seminar focused on pornography and how it can have negative impacts on relationships, family, jobs and personal lives. Cutting edge neuroscience will be used to explain how pornography can lead to a cycle of dependency. In addition we will explore how obsessions with pornography take root, and why these habits, or even addictions, are so hard to break. 

Jagged Terrain: Sex Addiction, the Brain and the Spirit

Seminar on Sex Addiction, the Brain and the Spirit

Is sex addiction a sickness, a sin or just an excuse?  

There is hardly a consensus in the broader culture or within the Christian church.  With so much confusion it is hard for Christians to know the best way forward.  If it is just a sickness then there is no confession.  If it is just a sin then there is no need for treatment.  You see the problem.  Without clarity it makes for very jagged terrain for the person trying to get better.  

The purpose of Jagged Terrain is to clear up the confusion and provide integrated solutions for healing from pornography and other sex addictions.