Three Ingredients to Effective Accountability

Three Ingredients to Effective Accountability

Dude #1: "I messed up the other day, ummm actually yeah it was today..."

Dude #2: "yeah me too...i'm kinda feelin down about it"

Dude #3: "yeah, was a bad week for me too, so see you next week?"

If you have ever been in this sort of accountability group for a lust problem or porn addiction you know that it can seem like "what's the point?"  It can especially feel this way if it's the same routine every week.  Over time members of such a group get discouraged and in the end can withdraw feeling defeated.  They tell themselves "well, I tried the whole accountability thing but it didn't really work."  Like most worthy endeavors in life learning how to be an effective accountability partner is a skill.  Skills require an intentional process of learning, practicing and coaching to develop.  So, how do you get skilled?

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