A Cool Way to Help Kids Understand Addiction

This deceptively cute video (5min) illustrates how addiction works.  If you are a parent, teacher, counselor or spiritual leader take a moment to watch the video and think about the kids it would work for.  I think it can act as a powerful teaching tool for kids 4 to 10 yrs old.  

I would recommend if you show it to the kids in your life that you use an inductive approach.  Ask them open-ended questions like: "what happened when the bird first tried the nugget?  what about the 2nd and 3rd time? what happened at the end?"  

Then, once the kids describe it all, ask them how it made them feel?  Then, you can talk about how there are things in the world that can bring great "darkness" into their lives.  In age appropriate ways I would list what those things could be.  "A nugget could be an image on the internet, something you drink, something you smoke..."  

So, when do you think you will show this to your kids?  Set a time now while you are thinking about it.  It could make a huge difference.

Alex Lerza

My goal as a therapist, speaker and writer is to help people experience the gift of sexual and relational wholeness. Currently I work at Christian Counseling Center in San Jose as a Marriage Family Therapist, Intern. Though I come from a place of faith I have treated clients from all creeds and orientations. I completed my Master's degree from Santa Clara University in 2012. Because I felt called to the area of sexual wholeness I became an Associate Sex Addiction Therapist in 2013. However, I quickly learned that trauma is the cause for a significant amount of sexual and relational brokenness so I also became certified in two trauma-reduction therapies--Affect Management Skills Training and Affect Centered Therapy (similar to EMDR). PSYCHOTHERAPIST. Trauma and Sexual Addiction. One of my passions is to help people break free from sexual addiction and heal from trauma. With hundreds of hours of training in trauma and sexual addiction, I provide clients a clear path out of addiction so that they may enjoy healthier relationships and lead more focused lives. Couples. I love helping couples discover the gift of a healthy marriage. I excel at teaching couples how to communicate, how to heal from betrayal and how to deepen their level of passion and intimacy. Teens. Being a teen is tough. I enjoy helping teens who struggle to connect with peers, have questions about identity or want to kick a pornography addiction. I also run a 10 week program for teen guys looking for a band of brothers and accountability with sexual compulsivity. Individuals. I believe that everyone has something to offer the world that no one else can. I hate to see depression or anxiety limit a person's ability to make their special offering come alive. I offer clients the compassion, tools and strategies they need to make their mark and fulfill their personal vision.