Overcoming Pornography Addiction

"The growth of pornography and its impact on young people is really, really dangerous.  And, the most dangerous part is that we don't even realize what's happening." - Pamela Paul, author Pornified

The Teen Recovery Program is a 10-week program for young men that involves weekly group meetings, individual sessions and a parent seminar.  Teens will cover the 7 tasks of Recovery from Pornography or Sexual Addiction.  

Why Groups for Teens?

Groups are essential for addiction recovery.  Especially for teens.  Individual and group therapy combined offer the best chance at healing the adolescent brain.  Pornography addiction is a form of brain damage.  Fortunately, there is a way to heal the still forming adolescent mind.  

Band of Brothers.  Teens are the most susceptible to pornography addiction yet most do not have a safe place to talk about their struggles with other teens.  We know that addiction festers in the shadows and in secrecy.  Groups offer teens a chance to walk in the light and learn that they are not the only ones.  

Coaching.  Many accountability groups can become ineffective.  They can be ineffective because the individuals do not have the skills and tools to help one another.  I not only offer teens a chance to share but the skills to become effective partners to one another in the recovery journey.  

Tools and a Map.  Using a task model, teens will learn where they are on the map of recovery and gain the tools needed to progress to the next level.  They will learn how pornography addiction works, techniques for stopping behaviors and how to focus more on life-giving activities.

The 7 Tasks for Teen Recovery

  1. Come out of Isolation
  2. Understand how addiction works
  3. Surrender and do whatever it takes
  4. Repair damage and rebuild trust
  5. Establish sobriety
  6. Connect with others
  7. Refocus on what matters